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The Japanese edition of 'ZDNet' is published under license from A Red Ventures Company., Fort Mill, SC, USA. Editorial items appearing in 'ZDNet Japan' that were originally published in クラウドブローカーとは the US Edition of 'ZDNet', 'CNET', and 'CNET News.com' are the copyright properties of A Red Ventures クラウドブローカーとは Company. or its suppliers. Copyright (c) A Red Ventures Company. All Rights Reserved. 'ZDNet', 'CNET' and 'CNET News.com' are trademarks of A Red Ventures Company.

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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)クラウドブローカーとは

According to Gartner, a cloud access security broker (CASB) is an on-premises or cloud-based security policy enforcement point that クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは is placed between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to combine and interject enterprise security policies as cloud-based resources are accessed. Think of the CASB as the sheriff that enforces the laws set by the クラウドブローカーとは cloud service administrators.

casb definition

What are the Four Pillars of CASBs?

These are the foundational building blocks of any CASB solution. All pillars are required to have an effective program.

1. Visibility

While cloud security is the key focus of a cloud access security broker, another value provided is helping you get your arms around cloud spend. A CASB can help you discover all cloud services in use, report on what your cloud クラウドブローカーとは spend is, and find redundancies in functionality and license costs. A CASB can produce valuable business and financial クラウドブローカーとは information as well as protection.

2. Compliance

Compliance is a major consideration when organizations decide to move their data and systems to the cloud. These compliance standards are meant to ensure the safety of personal and corporate クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは data, and ignoring these concerns can lead to dangerous and costly breaches.

Cloud access security brokers can help クラウドブローカーとは ensure compliance in the cloud whether you are a healthcare organization worried about HIPAA or HITECH compliance, a retail company concerned with PCI compliance, or a financial services organization needing to comply with FFIEC and FINRA. A CASB can help safeguard your company against costly data breaches by maintaining the data regulations set by your industry.

3. Data Security

4. Threat Protection

Organizations need to ensure their employees aren’t introducing or propagating cloud malware and threats through vectors such as cloud storage services and their associated sync clients and services. This means being able to scan and remediate threats across internal and external networks, in real-time when an employee tries to クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは share or upload an infected file. This also means detecting and preventing unauthorized user access to cloud services クラウドブローカーとは and data, which can help to identify compromised accounts.

What are the Top Three Uses for CASBs?

1. Govern クラウドブローカーとは Usage

Well-known for efficiency in discovering shadow IT behaviors, CASBs are also savvy across further organization security. A CASB can govern your organization’s cloud usage with granular visibility and control. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは by blocking services, CASBs allow you to govern usage based on identity, service, activity, application, and data.

Additionally, クラウドブローカーとは you can define policies based on service category or risk and choose from actions such as block, alert, bypass, encrypt, quarantine, and coach for policy enforcement. Finally, you can use these instances to alert your IT team クラウドブローカーとは for actions taken against any policy in place for internal monitoring.

2. Secure Data

Protect and prevent the loss of sensitive data across all of the cloud services in your environment, not just the ones you sanction. Take advantage of advanced, enterprise DLP to discover and protect sensitive data in sanctioned cloud services and en route to or from any cloud service, sanctioned or unsanctioned, whether users are on-premises or remote, on a クラウドブローカーとは mobile device or accessing from a web browser, or entering from a mobile app or sync client. Combat loss of data with encryption, tokenization, or upload prevention.

3. Protect Against Threats

Guard against cloud-based threats such as malware and ransomware. Start with full visibility of all cloud services, even those using SSL-encrypted connections. Use anomaly クラウドブローカーとは detection, and threat intelligence sources such as which of your users has compromised accounts. Then, layer in static and dynamic anti-malware detections, plus machine learning to detect ransomware. Finally, arm the rest of your security infrastructure クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは with your findings through out-of-the-box integrations and workflows. Threats will continue to innovate their approach, so your CASB vendor クラウドブローカーとは should too.

The Ten CASB Product Capability Questions You Need to Ask

Your organization is evaluating cloud access security brokers to safely enable sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services. This list of questions gives you specific, use case-based examples that will help you differentiate the capabilities between the CASB vendors you may be evaluating.

1. Can クラウドブローカーとは I control activities in managed and unmanaged cloud applications instead of having to block services altogether?

A: Rather than take a sledgehammer to the service by blocking it, take a scalpel to an activity such クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは as “share”; Do it at a category level – across any cloud storage service, for example. This lets クラウドブローカーとは you allow, not block services while mitigating risk.

2. Can I enforce my sensitive data policies in and クラウドブローカーとは en route to cloud services? Can I reduce false positives by only looking at cloud transactions that matter?クラウドブローカーとは

A: Rather than find and secure content in just your sanctioned service, do it across both sanctioned クラウドブローカーとは and unsanctioned services, and for content that’s at rest and en route. Also, minimize false positives and increase accuracy by reducing the surface area through context. Filter out the cloud transactions you care about by removing users, services, categories, locations, and activities from what you inspect and enforce policies.

3. Can I enforce policies based on Microsoft Active Directory groups or organizational units?

A: Rather than upload or enter user data manually, enforce policies that incorporate groups from your enterprise directory such as Microsoft Active Directory.

4. Can I detect cloud activity anomalies like excessive downloads or shares across any service, or if users are sending renamed files or extensions?

A: Rather than detecting anomalies only in sanctioned services or at a coarse-grained level such クラウドブローカーとは as access, detect anomalies based on activities across any service, sanctioned or unsanctioned.

5. Can I monitor and クラウドブローカーとは report on activity in regulated services, like finance and accounting ones, for compliance purposes?

A: Rather than クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは keep regulated services on-premises, migrate them to the cloud while also complying with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Report on access and data modifications within cloud-based systems of record.

6. Can I enforce policies remotely, including on mobile and in sync clients?

A: Rather than exclude on-premises monitoring and control from your cloud security クラウドブローカーとは model, enforce your policies wherever your users are and whatever their device.

7. Can I mitigate risk against users with compromised accounts?

A: Identify and protect against users accessing your services with compromised account credentials.

8. Can I find and remediate threats and malware in my cloud services?

A: Identify and protect against threats and malware in or en route to or from any cloud service.

9. Do you enhance the value of my existing investments by enabling me to integrate with on-premises solutions such as DLP, SIEM, malware クラウドブローカーとは sandbox, and EDR?

A: Rather than deploy cloud security in a silo, make your existing investments more valuable by adding a cloud access security broker.

10. Do you facilitate the deployment options that meet my requirements, including keeping all of my data on-premises? Are you a future-proof investment?

A: Rather than be forced into a CASB vendor’s deployment model, choose the deployment that best fits your requirements, now and in the future.

The Role of CASBs in a SASE Dominated Future

With the recent and massive shifts over to クラウドブローカーとは the cloud, CASB technology is morphing into something bigger than itself. Combined with other technologies such as data loss prevention (DLP) and Next Generation Secure Web Gateways, CASB is molding into just one piece of what is known as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

SASE combines multiple security and networking technologies to provide comprehensive クラウドブローカーとは web and cloud security without the hiccups of traditional perimeter security, such as latency and lack of context into data usage.

What this means is that a singular focus on CASB is no longer an option for companies. It’ll require a combined approach of multiple tools in which CASBs are just a small sliver of this security strategy.


Security Service Edge (SSE) is the convergence of multiple cloud-based security services as part クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. As a component of this architecture, CASB provides granular control of web and application traffic, as well as data and devices in real-time. This control is facilitated by クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは クラウドブローカーとは the visibility and insights provided by other SSE capabilities and components, such as secure web gateways (SWG) and user/entity behavior analytics (UEBA).

Netskope a LEADER in the 2021 IDC MarketScape for Cloud Security Gateways

Netskope is positioned クラウドブローカーとは as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Cloud Security Gateways in both “Strategies” and “Capabilities”

Netskope’s approach to Cloud Security Gateways (also known as CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker) has been consistently lauded by customers and top technology analysts throughout the world. As a fundamental cloud security service, CASB is critical to SASE architecture and Security Service Edge (SSE) that will dominate modern enterprise security and networking in the years to come.

Learn more about our placement and the fundamental benefits of the Netskope CASB solution today.

IDC Marketscape for Cloud Security Gateways - diagram


2020 CASBのマジック クラウドブローカーとは クアドラント

Over four consecutive years, Gartner named Netskope a “Leader” in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers. That report has been just retired by Gartner and will soon be replaced. In the meantime, please refer to our other reports from Gartner.


この調査は本質的にグローバルであり、北米(米国、カナダ)、ヨーロッパ(英国、ドイツ、フランス、イタリア、スペイン、ハンガリー、ベルギー、オランダ&ルクセンブルク、NORDIC[フィンランド、スウェーデン、ノルウェー、デンマーク]、ポーランド、トルコ、ロシア、その他のヨーロッパ)、ラテンアメリカ(ブラジル、メキシコ、アルゼンチン、その他のラテンアメリカ)、アジア太平洋(中国、インド、日本、韓国、 インドネシア、シンガポール、マレーシア、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、その他のアジア太平洋地域)、中東およびアフリカ(イスラエル、GCC[サウジアラビア、アラブ首長国連邦、バーレーン、クウェート、カタール、オマーン]、北アフリカ、南アフリカ、その他の中東およびアフリカ)。さらに、市場規模、Y-O-Y成長と機会分析、市場プレーヤーの競争調査、投資機会、将来の見通しに対する需要などを含む分析もカバーされ、調査レポートに掲載されています。
Identity Theft Resource Centerの2021年年次データ侵害レポートによると、2021年のデータ侵害の数は2020年と比較して68%増加しました。
このレポートでは、世界のクラウドアクセスセキュリティブローカー市場の主要プレーヤーの既存の競争シナリオも提供しています。シマンテックの企業プロファイリング。(Broadcom, Inc., Zscaler, Inc., Netskope, Inc., クラウドブローカーとは Cisco Systems, Inc., Bitglass, Inc., Imperva, Protegrity Inc., CipherCloud (Thales), CloudMask, Microsoft Corporation, その他プロファイリングには、事業概要、製品とサービス、主要な財務情報、最近のニュースと開発を含む企業の主要情報が網羅されています。全体として、このレポートは、業界のコンサルタント、機器メーカー、拡大の機会を探している既存のプレーヤー、可能性を探している新しいプレーヤー、その他の利害関係者が進行中の市場中心の戦略を調整するのに役立つ、世界のクラウドアクセスセキュリティブローカー市場の詳細な概要を示しています。そして将来予想される傾向。

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インターネットを経由し、クラウドサーバー上にあるソフトウェアを利用できるサービスを、SaaS(Software as a Service)といいます。クラウドストレージはその1つです。









































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